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Clear Roads is an ongoing pooled fund research project aimed at rigorous testing of winter maintenance materials, equipment and methods for use by highway maintenance crews. Launched in 2004 by experienced winter maintenance professionals, Clear Roads responds to a need for research based on practical experience.

By conducting structured field testing and evaluation across a range of winter conditions and highway maintenance organizational structures, Clear Roads projects will deliver immediately useful data and recommendations on the effectiveness, ease of use, optimum application rates, durability, and more, of many advanced winter operations technologies.

Clear Roads Goals:

* Work with the nation's premier researchers
* Evaluate winter maintenance materials, equipment and methods under real-world conditions
* Develop specifications and recommendations
* Study and promote innovative techniques and technologies that will save agencies money, improve safety and increase efficiency
* Make results quickly available to interested agencies

Project Administration

Clear Roads is pooled fund project #TPF-5(218). Minnesota is the lead state and has contracted with CTC & Associates LLC to provide administration, project management and information services.

CTC's Report of Progress – March 31, 2014

Annual Work Plan

The Clear Roads Technical Advisory Committee initiates and funds new research projects at the beginning of every calendar year. The group's Operating Procedures outlines the process for submitting and selecting the projects, holdling meetings throughout the year and handling other organizational and administrative activities of the pooled fund. For a list of all research projects proposed each year, refer to the Research page.

2013 Clear Roads Update