Equipment: Plow Blades

Winter maintenance agencies are continually searching for the perfect plow blade: durable, long-wearing, cost-effective, and effective in a range of conditions. Stainless steel and carbide-insert blades are staples of most DOTs’ fleets, and agencies test new products each year, like flexible blade assemblies designed to conform to the roadway surface.

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Clear Roads Resources



A sampling of specifications for plows and plow blades.


Product Experiences

Every year, Clear Roads member states share the results of pilot-testing of winter maintenance products and materials that their agencies have conducted.

View product experiences for blades and plows for 2006-2021. Products reviewed include:

  • Built Blades
  • Evolution Edges blades
  • Henderson reversible snowplow and air foils
  • Ironhawk blades
  • JOMA blades
  • Kuper blades
  • Monroe flex plow with trip edge
  • Multiple-edge plows
  • Nordik Move cutting edges
  • PolarFlex blades by Valley Blades
  • Power float valves by Cirus (now CPS)
  • Tow Plow by Viking-Cives
  • Winter Equipment blades


Other Research and Resources



Videos from Clear Roads’ Multiple Blade Plow Prototype project.

Indiana DOT Prototype
Iowa DOT Prototype
Iowa DOT – Road Cleared Before and After Iowa DOT – Slush Blade Removing Water