Product Experience Survey

In an effort to encourage the evaluation of products related to winter maintenance and the distribution of those results, Clear Roads conducts an informal Product Experience Survey at the end of each winter season. Member states are invited to share the results of pilot-testing of winter maintenance products and materials that their agencies have conducted that year. Clear Roads compiles all survey results received from 2006 through the current winter season. See below for details.

Clear Roads does not endorse any of the products evaluated. This informal survey is meant to be a tool for states to share experiences with winter maintenance products, not a scientific evaluation of product performance.

Survey Results: 2006-2023 Winter Seasons

Products evaluated during one or more winter seasons include:

Blades and Plows

Brine Makers/Blenders



GPS/AVL Systems

Information Management Systems/Sensors

Lighting Systems

Spreaders and Liquid Application Systems


If you have questions about the survey, please contact Greg Waidley at or (608) 490-0552.