Project webinars and videos are also available on the Clear Roads YouTube channel.

Clear Roads Training Videos

Educational resources for plow operators, managers, and other snow and ice professionals.

Full-length video - Intersection Clearing Best Practices

Techniques for Plowing Complex InterchangesProject 14-03
An hour-long video that provides animated sequences of efficient plowing paths for 10 different interchange and intersection configurations (also available as a video series). A practice manual and reference cards complement the video training. 2018.

Training Video for Field Testing of Deicing MaterialsProject 10-01
A step-by-step instructional video that outlines the three levels of field testing that DOT staff can perform to determine the effectiveness of a deicing chemical. The video demonstrates the methodology used in the Field Guide for Testing Deicing Chemicals. 2012.

Research Project Webinars

Clear Roads project webinars provide an inside look at completed research by capturing the investigators’ final presentations of their work. For more information on any of the studies below, click the project number.

Alternative Methods for DeicingProject 18-05
Investigator final presentation by Laura Fay and Karalyn Clouser of Montana State University.
May 2020.

AWSSI Enhancements in Support of Winter Road MaintenanceProject 16-02
Investigator final presentation by Mike Timlin and Steve Hilberg of the Midwestern Regional Climate Center.
February 2019.

Developing a Training Video and Manual for Best Practices and Techniques in Clearing Different Interchange Configurations and Other Geometric LayoutsProject 14-03
Investigator final presentation by Yan Qi of Southern Illinois University–Edwardsville.
October 2018.

Identifying Best Practices for Snowplow Route OptimizationProject 14-07
Investigator final presentation by Jonathan Dowds of the University of Vermont Transportation Research Center.
November 2016.

Snow Removal Performance Metrics, Phase 1Project 14-05
Investigator final presentation by Xianming Shi of Washington State University.
June 2016.

Synthesis on GPS/AVL Equipment Used for Winter MaintenanceProject 14-01
Investigator final presentation by Adrian Potter, Clayton Bayer and Mark Gallagher of SRF Consulting.
May 2016.

Roadway Salt Best Management PracticesProject 14-10
Investigator final presentation by Wilfrid Nixon of the Salt Institute and Mark DeVries of Vaisala Inc.
December 2015.

Liquid Agricultural By-Products and Solid Complex Chloride/Mineral ProductsProject 13-02
Investigator final presentation by Laura Fay of the Western Transportation Institute.
November 2015.

Use of Equipment Lighting During Snowplow OperationsProject 14-06
Investigator final presentation by Laura Fay of the Western Transportation Institute.
October 2015.

Benefit-Cost of Various Winter Maintenance StrategiesProject 13-03
Investigator final presentation by Laura Fay of the Western Transportation Institute.
September 2015.

Snow and Ice Control Environmental Best Management Practices ManualProject 13-01
Investigator final presentation by Laura Fay of the Western Transportation Institute.
June 2015.

Best Practices for the Prevention of Corrosion to DOT Equipment: A User’s ManualProject 13-04
Investigator final presentation by Laura Fay of the Western Transportation Institute.
May 2015.

Development of a Totally Automated Spreader System Project 11-03
Investigator final presentation by Todd Thompson and Greg Thompson of Thompson Engineering Company.
May 2014.

Plug and Play InitiativeProject 12-06
Review of the proposed plug-and-play protocol by Bill Haley of FORCE America.
January 2014.

Understanding the True Costs of Snow and Ice ControlProject 10-03
Investigator final presentation by Andrew Cadmus of Parsons Brinckerhoff.
December 2013.

Determining the Toxicity of Deicing MaterialsProject 11-02
Investigator final presentation by Keith Pilgrim of Barr Engineering Company.
December 2013.

Other Webinars

Clear Roads Webinar with Caltrans Division of Equipment
This video captures a presentation by Clear Roads representatives to the Caltrans Division of Equipment about Clear Roads’ structure, resources and research. The purpose was to highlight the pooled fund’s activities related to winter maintenance equipment. December 2014.

Multiple-Blade Plow Project

This project tested four innovative prototype snowplows capable of tackling a range of winter road conditions with the use of multiple blades. See the project page for more information.

Indiana DOT Prototype
Quad-camera footage of Indiana DOT’s multiple-blade plow prototype clearing snow. Video courtesy of Indiana DOT.

Iowa DOT Prototype
Footage of Iowa DOT’s multiple-blade plow prototype in action, including the squeegee blade effectively clearing slush and all three blades (carbide, scarifier and squeegee) working together to clear packed snow. Video courtesy of Iowa DOT. 2006-2007.

Iowa DOT – Road Before and After
Quad-camera view of Iowa DOT’s prototype clearing a snowy road. Video courtesy of Iowa DOT.

Iowa DOT – Slush Blade Removing Water
Footage of the slush blade clearing water from the road. Video courtesy of Iowa DOT.

Indiana DOT – Slush Blade Operation
Lowering and raising the slush blade on the Indiana prototype. Video courtesy of Indiana DOT.

Links: Winter Maintenance Videos

Winter maintenance videos from other agencies.

Public Safety/Informational
Arizona DOT at Work (AASHTO)
Winter Driving Survival Guide (AASHTO)

Operator Training
Winter Operations Training Series (Iowa DOT)
Tow Plow Training (Michigan DOT)