Comparison of Materials Distribution Systems


There are dozens of different types of solid material distribution systems used in winter maintenance such as chutes, spinners, zero velocity, augers, etc. These systems have a wide range of costs and effectiveness. Some agencies use commercially available systems and others create their own systems out of scrap material available at a maintenance garage. Agencies do not know which of these systems is most effective or have a way to determine which type is best suited to their agency’s needs.


The goal of this project was to identify and catalogue as many solid material distribution systems as possible and develop a plan for field testing them. Systems with pre-wetting capabilities should be included in the study, although equipment for slurries or direct liquid applications is not included in the scope of this project.


Results include:

  • A photographic catalog of all the different types of material distribution systems identified.
  • A Final Report with a recommended plan of study for field testing to assess the effectiveness of material distribution systems.