Synthesis on GPS/AVL Equipment Used for Winter Maintenance


Many states are interested in testing or implementing GPS/AVL systems to gather information on their winter maintenance programs, including truck location, truck speeds, material usage rates, etc. There are a variety of tools and equipment involved in these systems, including truck controllers, data collection devices, cell phone or Wi-Fi, plow sensors, and data schemas that allow synthesis of the range of data collected. Clear Roads members would like to better understand the array of options on the market.


To help states better understand the options available (systems and components) for varying situations and truck configurations, this project sought to develop a clearinghouse of information based on state experiences with GPS/AVL.


The key outcome of this project was to develop a “consumer reports” type of digest analyzing the different GPS/AVL systems available, including how well each one performs, and systems requirements and constraints.

The final webinar presentation was given on May 23, 2016.