Plug-and-Play Initiative: Phase II


Clear Roads has been leading a collaborative effort called the Plug-and-Play Initiative to develop a universal bi-directional communications protocol for in-cab electronics, regardless of the manufacturer or service provider. Establishment of this protocol will mutually benefit Clear Roads member states and their vendors by standardizing how critical operational data are shared on modern snow and ice vehicles, namely between compatible Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) devices and anti-icing/deicing joystick and spreader controller systems.

Within the next year, Test bed software will be developed to verify compatibility with the previously developed protocol. This software will be hosted by Clear Roads and available free of charge to vendors. After completion of the software, Clear Roads plans to test the protocol. It is then intended for member states to start using it in procurement.

This Phase II project identified a standard protocol for the transmission of data from a vehicle to a point location.


This project built on the efforts of both the Plug-and-Play Initiative and the Connected Vehicle Project to define a standardized set of data (attributes and units of measure) available from winter operations equipment and then identified the standards for the transmission of data from vehicle to point location.


This project identified the most appropriate standard protocols and made recommendations regarding the method of transmission.

The final webinar presentation was given on November 7, 2016.