Use Of Equipment Lighting During Snowplow Operations


Many states are struggling to find the right balance between making trucks as visible to the traveling public as possible and ensuring that their drivers have the best possible visibility of the road and vehicles around them. Equipment operators in the snowy regions are reporting that warning lights are too bright, especially for plow truck drivers following behind another truck during train-type snow removal operations. Additionally, snowplow operators are experiencing reflected light off the plow from headlights on their own vehicles. Research is needed to determine the best practices and optimal configurations of headlights, work lights, and warning light technology during snow removal operations.


The goal of this project was to develop a synthesis of best practices in use today by state DOTs in their use of headlights, work lights, and warning light technology in snow plow operations.


A synthesis report of best practices that presents the pros and cons of different types of lights, lighting configurations and technology in use currently by agencies engaged in winter maintenance activities. The synthesis includes a recommended lighting package with sample specifications and mounting location guidelines.

Final presentation webinar was conducted on October 5, 2015.