Synthesis of Material Application Methodologies for Winter Operations


Transportation agencies have been managing their salt and liquid anti-icing applications based on the results of multiple testing efforts over the years. These agencies have gained significant practical experience in the use of chloride-based liquids for winter maintenance since the earlier guidelines were published, and have developed locally-based approaches for their use alone or with other winter materials.

However, discussions at recent National Winter Maintenance Peer Exchanges have repeatedly identified the need to update the existing guidelines for material application rates as a function of road weather scenarios in the field environment.


The goal of this project is to create a synthesis of best management practices for application rates, material application methodologies and material usage, including chloride brines applied directly or as additives to abrasives and rock salts.

Expected Results

A key deliverable of this project will be a handbook that is succinct, decisive in its instructions and recommendations, and professionally created. This handbook will provide winter maintenance professionals with the ability to access the needed information with ease and will be essential in driving the successful implementation of this project’s findings.

The Final Webinar took place on February 11, 2019.