Weather Event Reconstruction and Analysis Tool


After a storm, transportation agencies need to conduct after-action studies and prepare after-action reports. To do this, data from numerous sources needs to be accessed, collected, and analyzed. These data may be difficult to access and use for a number of reasons. They may not be easy to find, or it may be difficult to parse readily available data. Some kinds of data may also be difficult to export, particularly video of radar or forecast maps.


The goal of this project was to allow transportation agencies to more quickly and easily reconstruct winter weather events, with a focus on drawing from data sources that cover the entire United States or large regions.


This project developed an easy-to-use web-based tool that gathers existing online weather data for a specific location and time and prepares the results in a single clear and comprehensive report. By using the tool, agencies were able to spend much less time finding and preparing weather data before moving to analysis and follow-up. This tool helped agencies better understand the development and outcomes of winter storms, react appropriately to such events in the short and long term, and refine future maintenance decision-making.