Snowplow Truck Washing Practices


Frequent washing of snowplow trucks during the winter maintenance season can help reduce corrosion and prolong the life of winter maintenance equipment. Transportation agencies need information about truck washing practices that are cost-effective and environmentally sensitive, and produce clear results in reducing or preventing corrosion on snowplow trucks. Clear Roads members are particularly interested in agencies’ experiences with in-house wash bays.


The goal of this project was to identify best practices for the implementation and use of in-house wash bays and the use of other truck washing alternatives such as off-site commercial washing facilities. Information for this project was gathered through a survey of winter maintenance contacts at state DOTs and a literature search.


This project produced a synthesis report that summarizes best practices for the use of in-house wash bays and other washing alternatives for the routine washing of snowplow trucks. The report addresses topics including the treatment of wash bay wastewater, wash bay installation requirements and costs, and the effectiveness of truck washing alternatives in reducing or preventing corrosion on snowplow trucks.