Monitoring Stockpiles of Solid Winter Maintenance Materials

Finding the right method to take frequent, accurate measurements of stockpiles of solid winter maintenance materials can be challenging for transportation agencies. Measurement practices can be time-consuming or fail to produce measurements that are accurate enough for the agency to rely on. Without accurate measurements of the materials on hand, an agency can face shortages of the solid winter maintenance materials needed to see it through a winter season.

The goal of this project is to create a synthesis of best management practices for the accurate measurement of solid winter maintenance materials, and other solid materials, using technology and non-technology based methods.

Expected Results
This project will produce a synthesis report that summarizes best practices for the periodic accurate measurement and reporting of covered and uncovered stockpiles of solid winter maintenance materials. The synthesis will also include practices used to measure uncovered stockpiles of other solid materials such as aggregates and agricultural products. Information for this project will be gathered through a survey of winter maintenance contacts in all 50 states and a literature search.