Aftermarket Cameras in Winter Maintenance Vehicles


Video cameras on winter maintenance vehicles can provide a wealth of crucial information to plow operators, maintenance supervisors and the public. Cameras can help operators monitor equipment operation and material application and can provide maintenance supervisors and motorists with a near-real-time view of road conditions. Among the agencies that have cameras on their snowplows, equipment, installation, usage and image quality vary. Clear Roads agencies that are interested in installing aftermarket cameras on their fleets need practical information to guide their choices to maximize the benefits of these systems.


The goal of this project was to provide guidance to transportation agencies seeking to begin using, or to expand current use of, aftermarket cameras installed on winter maintenance vehicles.


Researchers conducted a state-of-the-practice literature review, survey and interviews to identify types, uses and best practices for on-vehicle camera systems. Taking into account the variety of available cameras, installation configurations and uses for aftermarket camera systems, researchers compiled recommendations for states wanting to initiate or expand camera use on winter maintenance vehicles. Key recommendations address camera location and positioning, in-cab display capabilities, use of camera washer systems and heated lenses, and considerations for transmitting images or real-time video.


The Final Webinar took place on June 24, 2021.