Defensive Driving for Snowplow Operators


Each winter, snowplows are struck by other vehicles, costing agencies money in repair and replacement costs and impacting traveler safety due to lost plowing time. Rear-end collisions and crashes during turning movements are two common types of crashes. Although snowplow operators are rarely at fault in these crashes, training operators on defensive driving practices—as well as reviewing general safe driving practices—may help reduce the likelihood of collisions caused by other drivers.


The goal of this project was to examine key causes of collisions involving snowplows and other vehicles, and identify defensive driving strategies that snowplow operators can use to reduce the likelihood of being struck by other drivers.


This project resulted in the creation of two PowerPoint-based training modules on safe driving and defensive driving for snowplow operators. The modules include videos that demonstrate defensive and safe driving scenarios.

This project was featured in an article in the October 2021 issue of APWA Reporter and on Episode 57 of the SICOP Talks Winter Ops podcast. In addition, a paper about this project won a national award at PIARC’s 16th World Winter Service and Road Resilience Congress in February 2022.


The Final Webinar took place on August 13, 2020.