Expanding Application Rate Guidance for Salt Brine Blends for Direct Liquid Application and Anti-icing


Direct liquid application (DLA) has been shown to be effective at clearing snow and ice while using less salt than granular salt application. However, a lack of detailed guidance and application rates for multiple brine blends across a variety of weather and pavement conditions may prevent some agencies from fully utilizing DLA as a winter maintenance strategy.


This project’s goal was to expand on the existing guidelines for the use of brines and brine blends for DLA and anti-icing. By providing a more complete set of application rates for various pavement temperature ranges and road surface conditions, this project will help facilitate expanded use of DLA and anti-icing at agencies across the country.


Through a survey of practice and subsequent field testing, researchers gathered a robust set of data on how agencies apply various liquid deicers across a broad range of field conditions, particularly at lower temperatures. The test results, along with the survey results and information gathered through a literature review, were used to create a set of application rate tables for brine and brine blend usage for DLA and anti-icing.

The Final Webinar took place on December 13, 2021.