Synthesis of Technical Requirements and Considerations for Automated Snowplow Route Optimization


Some state DOTs use snowplow route optimization programs to optimize their fleet sizing, determine new facility locations, and develop snow and ice routes. Optimization programs can result in cost savings through more efficient and effective use of staff, equipment and materials, and through optimal placement of winter maintenance facilities. However, developing the Request for Proposals (RFP) for optimization services, specifically the technical requirements portion of the RFP, can be difficult and time-consuming.


This project’s goal was to expedite the process for states to procure an automated snowplow route optimization program vendor by providing a list of technical requirements and considerations that states can use to build their RFP.


Through a survey and follow-up interviews with agencies and vendors, this project captured the technical requirements and considerations involved in selecting an automated snowplow route optimization program. The project produced two complementary documents as appendices to the final report:

  1. Decision Support Guidance: An accessible and in-depth discussion of the technical requirements for route optimization and the key decisions DOTs should consider when developing the project scope and managing a provider.
  2. Contracting Language Template: A flexible template to assist DOTs with developing a scope of work for an RFP for automated snowplow route optimization services. The language in the template is intended to ensure that DOTs and service providers have a shared understanding of the scope of work that the DOT requires and to maximize the likelihood that the project will result in safe, feasible, implementation-ready routes.

The Final Webinar took place on October 29, 2021.