Inventory and Use of Salt Spreading Systems

Each state has various methods and types of delivering salt to the road network. Clear Roads member states are interested in learning what equipment their peers in other states are using.

The goal of this synthesis was to gather information from Clear Roads states to update an inventory—first completed through Project 12-05—of the states’ spreader systems and to provide the rationale as to why they are used.

Through a survey of Clear Roads member states, this synthesis provides a snapshot in time of the material spreader systems used by 16 agencies. The majority of survey respondents were satisfied with individual features and functions and reported overall satisfaction with their chosen system. While price was a significant motivating factor in system selection for some agencies, other agencies sought specific features, and one agency developed special specifications for the manufacturer to meet at a designated price.

Appendix B of the synthesis provides individual respondents’ assessments of their spreader systems.