Update to CR 13-04: Best Practices for Protecting DOT Equipment from the Corrosion Effect of Chemical Deicers


Corrosion to maintenance equipment resulting from the use of chloride deicers is a challenge for transportation agencies across North America. While there were many products and much anecdotal guidance for the prevention of corrosion, there was not a consolidated guide that combined all of the available knowledge on corrosion prevention for use by snow and ice control practitioners. In May 2015, Clear Roads published a Manual of Best Practices, which provided guidelines for corrosion management on highway maintenance equipment.


The goal of this project is to update and expand Chapter 5.4 of the 2015 Clear Roads Project 13-04 publication, Manual of Best Practices for the Prevention of Corrosion on Vehicles and Equipment used by Transportation Agencies for Snow and Ice Control, by looking at the various coatings available on the market, from 2013 to the present, and conduct side-by-side comparison testing based on the application method.

Expected Results

The product testing conducted for this project will provide a more robust evaluation of the performance of anti-corrosion coatings that is necessary to provide agencies with the information needed to select suitable anti-corrosion coatings for their valuable equipment.