Efficacy, Cost, and Impacts of Non-Chloride Deicers


Transportation agencies routinely use chlorides in their winter maintenance practices, which can contaminate road-side wells and waterways. Because of these potential adverse effects, agencies would like to better understand the range of non-chloride-based deicers that could serve as viable alternatives.


To collect and synthesize available information about non-chloride deicing products from available research and present the information as a comparison to chloride-based deicers in educational primers and product information sheets. Using the Mechanical Rocker Test developed by University of Nebraska / Nebraska DOT, investigators will provide an examination and documentation of the performance of selected non-chloride deicers from the Clear Roads Qualified Products List (QPL) that have not yet been effectively tested.

Expected Results

From this environmental data, investigators will recommend environmental testing standards to be added to Test Methods 15 through 20 of Clear Roads Guidance Document for Material Qualified Products List, Specifications, Test Methods, and Product Purchasing, which address Toxicity, Ammonia – Nitrogen, Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen, Biological Oxygen Demand and Chemical Oxygen Demand tests.

The Final Project Webinar was conducted on September 26, 2023.