Training Module Development for Evaluation of Storm Severity Index and Winter Severity Index Variables


The Clear Roads project Evaluation of SSI and WSI Variables developed a step-by-step guide and flowchart tool to help agencies identify or develop severity index methods that fit their needs and their available data sources. The final report represents the most comprehensive work on this complicated topic. However, the complexity and size of the report present a hurdle to managers’ and practitioners’ ability to understand these findings and apply them to their operations. This important topic is an increasing concern among snow and ice managers as they attempt to develop accurate level of service measurements.


The goal of this dissemination and implementation project is to develop Clear Roads training modules for three general audiences, including division directors, snow and ice managers, and supervisors.

Expected Results

The outcome of this project will be detailed training modules that synthesize the material from CR 18-03 into 30- to 60-minute segments tailored to the three target audiences. These modules would include audiovisual materials, discussion topics, and interactive exercises (knowledge checks) required to provide complete training on this topic.