Comprehensive Guide to Pre-wetting Application Rates and Methods


Research is needed that will help agencies identify appropriate application rates to reduce bounce and scatter, activate salt, and inhibit corrosion. Research has been done that addresses speed and application rates in a general sense, however it does not provide ideal or target rates to achieve pre-wet goals.


The goal of this project is to determine the optimum application rate of inhibited salt brine and untreated dry salt (gallons/ton) in different delivery systems and spreader configurations to reduce bounce and scatter, activate the melting attributes of salt and inhibit metal corrosion.

Expected Results

This project will lead to the development of a comprehensive guide to pre-wetting that will enable departments of transportation; public works agencies; and superintendents, supervisors and other practitioners involved in snow and ice control to incorporate pre-wetting into their snow and ice control equipment. Specifically, the guide will provide optimal application rates for meeting pre-wetting goals and will quantify the benefits of different rates, speeds, and other delivery factors. The guide will also present the findings of using two to four salt spreader configurations and delivery systems.