Best Management Practices for Liquid Chloride Storage and Pumping Systems


Research is needed that will help agencies identify the issues transportation agencies should consider when choosing or replacing deicing liquid storage systems. There are several areas of interest associated with operating a reliable system including safety, environment, and cost-effectiveness. A review of the systems different agencies use, including system benefits and challenges, will help agencies better understand their options.


The goal of this project is to document and share optimal system designs and management practices that contribute to safe, sustainable, and cost-effective liquid storage systems.

Expected Results

This project will lead to the development of a manual of deicing liquid storage and pump system equipment and the associated best management practices. The manual will include images and descriptions of typical equipment configurations currently in use. Each system configuration will include a list of primary components, system cost, benefits and challenges associated with each configuration, and detailed information regarding a point of contact within the agency and the division / program responsible for that equipment.