Corrosion and Connectors Don’t Mix


The lights on wing plows, tow plows and other winter maintenance equipment require electricity to operate, and the electrical connectors used in these assemblies are exposed to the elements during winter operations. While failures in winter equipment lighting systems can be the result of mechanical or environmental issues, a more significant concern is the impact of corrosion. A connecting wiring harness (plug and socket) begins a 12-hour shift dry and tight. But by the end of the shift, the connector may begin to loosen, allowing chemicals, abrasives, and road material to enter the connection and begin to break it down.


The goal of this project was to gather information through a literature search and survey that explored the availability of a connector assembly that can avoid corrosion and survive the plowing environment for an entire winter season.


The deliverables from this project will included survey results and a final synthesis of the information gathered.