Development of a Public Service Announcement Library


There is a lack of consistent messaging for the public concerning why and how states perform winter maintenance. Additionally, some messages are being distributed statewide regarding storms that may be specific to only one part of the state. State DOT Public Information Officers need a resource of prepared communication products that have been reviewed and approved by experienced winter maintenance managers.


To host a library of Clear Roads videos and prepared messaging that a state can choose from to communicate important topics to the traveling public. These communication products (PSAs) would be short “Winter Maintenance 101” style videos / messages that would be hosted on the Clear Roads website. The audience will be the traveling public and state Public Information Officers.

Expected Results

Short (less than 3 minute) videos and prepared topic-specific messages. These communication products may be used for social media, Dynamic Message Signs, or the like. Products will cover a spectrum of winter maintenance issues that DOTs want the public to be aware of. A few specific examples may include what to know about tandem plowing; why snow is left on the road prior to freezing rain; or salt effectiveness in cold weather.