Quantifying the Economic Value of Snow and Ice Operations Success


Transportation agencies are responsible for combatting the adverse effects of inclement weather. These efforts require strategic economic planning to make sure the agency is provided an adequate budget to meet expectations and to get the most out of the available budget and resources. The economic benefits of a fully funded snow-and-ice program, as well as the costs of failing to maintain a highly functional program, may not be apparent to those responsible for budget allocations.


To develop a tool for quantifying the benefits of snow-and-ice operations and the costs associated with those benefits to illustrate the substantial economic and ecological gains of investing in snow-fighting equipment, road treatment programs and technologies such as road weather information systems.

Expected Results

To develop a tool that states can use to quantify the economic value of their snow-and-ice programs. The output of this tool can then be used to inform management about the real-world costs, benefits and value of a sufficiently funded snow-and-ice-control program that could guide state agencies in determining an appropriate annual budget for these programs.