Updating the Impact of Capital Projects Decision Support Tool


New capital projects increase the time and money required to complete Roadway Snow and Ice Control Operations. Unfortunately, this increased winter maintenance burden is rarely quantified and, therefore, is not considered during the early stages of the capital project development process. A method is needed for estimating this increased financial burden placed on winter maintenance operations by new capital projects.

The Excel-based decision-support tool developed in Clear Roads Project 14-02 assists maintenance managers in quantifying the impact of new capital projects on winter maintenance operations, allowing them to plan and forecast needed resources resulting from expansions or modifications to the road network in their service area.


This project will provide a much-needed update / supplement to the data that forms the basis for the estimates of impacts that capital projects have on winter maintenance operations.

Expected Results

This follow up project will allow for the creation of a new, upgraded decision support tool in a customized web-based platform to facilitate its use, future updating, and sharing of outputs.