Material Spreader Survey

Welcome to the survey for the Clear Roads project Comparison of Material Distribution Systems for Winter Maintenance. Our purpose is to collect relevant information about the material spreaders and related procedures in use at your organization.

The feedback will be used as part of a research project funded by Clear Roads to identify and catalog as many solid material distribution systems as possible and develop a plan for field testing them, We are interested both commercial/ off-the-shelf and specially modified designs. At the completion of the project, this catalog will be made available to the winter maintenance community.

We are seeking participation from federal, state, county, and municipal agencies. We would appreciate your time and attention to this survey.

You are invited to complete the questionnaire by clicking the link below. The survey is 25 questions with the option to upload photos of your system(s). It should take approximately 10 minutes to complete. If you desire more information, please visit the Clear Roads research project page.

The survey is available here.