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Snowplow Operator and Supervisor Training

Clear Roads Project 12-04 Snowplow Operator and Supervisor Training aimed to develop a series of flexible training modules for snowplow operators and supervisors that could be used, modified, and updated by any Clear Roads member agency to serve as partial-day or multiple-day classroom-style training courses.

In order for a non-member agency to obtain and use the training materials, a representative of that agency must provide the requested information below. This request will provide access to all 22 modules.


Request for All Training Modules


* Following your training, a representative from Clear Roads may be in contact with you to follow up on your experiences with the training materials and to ask for suggestions/modifications to the material.

** All training modules have been reviewed and approved by the Clear Roads Technical Advisory Committee. Clear Roads will not be liable for information provided during training by any agency or representative, including the one named above.