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Snowplow Drivers

Operating a snowplow is more than just driving a big vehicle. The job of a snowplow driver involves long hours and work that can be mentally and physically taxing. Fatigue is a common problem, especially during extended storms. Concentration is needed at every moment to ensure the safety of drivers and pedestrians. Do you ever wonder what it’s like to be inside a snowplow cab, or what a day is like as a snowplow driver?

Videos about “snowfighters” at work:

On the Road with an Ohio DOT Snowplow Driver
Snowplow Ride-Along
 Shift in the Life of a Snowplow Driver
New Hampshire DOT Snowplow Driver

Snow Removal Vehicles

State departments of transportation use a variety of snow and ice removal equipment to keep roads clear. Browse through the gallery below for a collection of snow removal vehicles that you may encounter on the roads.

A national winter safety campaign with available outreach materials for public use. Read more…

National 511

The national website for 511 service provides links to all available state 511 services.
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