What To Do When Stranded

Getting stuck in a snowstorm in your car can be a scary experience. To prepare, keep your car stocked with emergency supplies, and always have your cell phone with you. If you do become stranded, the tips below can help you stay safe and comfortable while you wait for help.

10 Things To Do When Stranded in a Snowstorm

#1 Stay in your vehicle. Your car offers the best protection from the weather and from collisions with other vehicles.

#2 If possible, call 911. Stay in your car until help arrives.

#3 Keep fresh air in your car by slightly opening your window.

#4 Make sure the exhaust pipe is not blocked, and run your engine periodically for heat.

#5 Keep your flashers on, and if you have any, set up flares. Do everything possible to make your car visible in the snow.

#6 Stay warm by putting on a hat and extra clothing or blanket from your emergency kit.

#7 If you need to wait for an extended period of time, drink water to stay hydrated.

#8 Conserve your cell phone battery by using it only when necessary.

#9 Do small exercises with your arms and legs. It is important to keep your blood circulating and not stay in one position too long.

#10 Stay focused and motivated. It is easy to start feeling hopeless, which can lead to panic or depression.


Wisconsin DOT – Cold Weather Safety