Development of Interface Specifications for Mobile Data Platforms on DOT Vehicles

Interface Specifications


Sensors and other devices used on DOT vehicles are often provided by different vendors, each with their own proprietary communication protocols and data formats. It is costly and time intensive to integrate the different systems into one data stream. The adoption of standards or specifications would simplify the process of adding new components and reduce the overall costs to develop and maintain a mobile data platform.


The goal was to develop specifications that would support a “plug and play” approach to integrating sensors and other devices.


The report provides communication and data format specifications that support a standardized approach to integrating sensors and other devices with mobile data platforms used by state DOTs as well as recommendations on how to implement the specifications.

Clear Roads has used the specification developed through this project as the starting point for our Plug and Play Initiative, a collaborative effort to develop the Clear Roads Universal In-Cab Performance Specifications and Communications Protocol.