Materials: Deicers

Salt has been the mainstay deicer in winter maintenance agencies’ toolboxes for decades. Through research, testing and in-house experimentation, agencies have advanced the state of the practice in how to apply it. That means calibrating spreaders regularly, and using liquid salt brine for anti-icing and prewetting to help reduce application rates and keep the salt on the roadway and out of the environment. Agencies also make use of other chemical blends and additives, including agricultural-based products, for corrosion protection and effective deicing at lower temperatures.    

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Specifications and Guidance

Clear Roads guidelines, plus a sampling of related state specifications.


Product Experience

Every year, Clear Roads member states share the results of pilot-testing of winter maintenance products and materials that their agencies have conducted.

View product experiences for deicers/chemicals for 2006-2021. Products reviewed include:

  • Boost salt brine enhancer inhibitor (EnviroTech)
  • Dowflake Xtra calcium chloride flakes
  • Fusion deicer
  • Geomelt
  • IceBan
  • Ice B’Gone Magic
  • IceKicker
  • Ice Slicer




Other Research and Resources