Winter Maintenance Research Roundup

Here’s a look at some recent research reports and ongoing projects from agencies around the country:

  • Research in Progress: Road Salt Impact Assessment, Maine DOT. Project description.
  • Research in Progress: Promoting the Adoption of Snow Fences Through Landowner Engagement, Minnesota DOT. Project description.
  • Expanding Landowner Adoption of Snow Control Measures Through a Better Understanding of Landowner Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices, Minnesota DOT, January 2020. Project page.
  • Iowa DOT Office of Maintenance Snowplow Optimization, Iowa DOT, February 2020. Project page.
  • Biomimetic Antifreeze Molecules: A Novel Solution to Deicing Salts and Air-Entraining Admixtures, NCHRP IDEA Program, December 2019. Research report.

SICOP Talks Winter Ops podcasts:

  • In “Asleep at the Wheel—Fighting Driver Fatigue,” Director of the Cornell LTAP Dave Orr discusses the latest research and guidance for state DOTs. April 2020. Podcast.
  • In “Nordic Experiences,” Clear Roads TAC Chair James Morin compares the approaches that Washington State DOT and the Norwegian Road Authority take to winter maintenance. March 2020. Podcast.